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Getting certified with Oracle can bring you the credibility you deserve for your knowledge, skill, and experience on the job as an Oracle Professional and will provide you with a market recognized credential that can lead to success.

The OCP (Oracle® Certified Professional) program was developed by Oracle Corp. to recognize technical professionals who can demonstrate the depth of knowledge and hands-on skills required to support Oracle®'s core products according to a standard of excellence established by Oracle Corp.

Certification as an Oracle® professional could mean more money in your current or future job, or it could be what gets you that next job over all the other non-certified candidates.

If you don't have any work experience with Oracle® and are looking to get into the field, you should consider getting certified, most employers won't take a second look at your resume without it.

Students are not required to take any Oracle® training courses before attempting the certification exams; however, Oracle Corp. suggests that students have completed up-to-date training in the specific job role and have at least six months of on-the-job experience. We have found that students with no on-the-job experience, but instead hands-on experience with the Oracle® database server, in conjunction with our Oracle® training, consistently pass the Oracle® DBA certification exams.

What Is Oracle Certification?

Only the most qualified technical professionals will succeed in today's increasingly complex and constantly changing technical environment. But without an established standard for measuring their competence, busy professionals who are struggling to stay current can never be certain they are learning all they need to know. And this can make it difficult for managers and prospective employers to differentiate between problem solvers and potential problems. The Oracle® Certified Professional (OCP) Program can make a difference.

The Oracle® Certified Professional (OCP) Program helps the IT industry establish a standard of competence in specific job roles that use Oracle® technology.

Why Become an Oracle® Certified Professional?

The Oracle® Certified Professional Program can give you a distinct advantage in an intensely competitive marketplace. By demonstrating a high level of competence using Oracle® products, you will earn an industry-recognized, job role related credential that can help distinguish you as a proven performer. Being an Oracle® Certified Professional can help you gain more visibility and greater access to the industry's most challenging opportunities.

Key Benefits of Oracle® Certification for you and your Employer

Becoming professionally certified can be a smart career move for a technical professional. Unlike a college degree or even continuing education credits, OCP Certification will be a living, breathing credential as much a product of your commitment to being your best as it is of your proven abilities. For your manager, it is proof that you have the depth of knowledge and hands-on skills required to support Oracle® core products according to a rigorous standard established by Oracle®.

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