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Video Game Development

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As even a casual observer of the game industry knows, the possibilities in game development are endless. But gaining the skills needed to find employment in the game industry isn't easy. It takes commitment, a broad intelligence that can encompass a wide variety of disciplines, and guidance from people with experience.

We've put together a team of instructors with years of experience in all areas of game development. Whether you already work in the industry or are new to game development, with our outstanding faculty providing live classroom instruction and live online instruction, we will help you to develop skills that will open doors for you in this exciting and fast-growing industry.

Our Video Game Development classes are provided by our training partner Principia Game Labs.

5-Day Game Programming Foundations Boot Camp

Intended for those with little or no programming experience, this hands-on course introduces the fundamentals of programming from a game development perspective. Major topics include types, variables, branching, loops, sequences, functions, and objects. Students learn to program using the game-industry language Python in a graphics-based environment and are exposed to additional topics such as sprites, player input, and audio. Numerous examples along with student exercises reinforce each new concept. As a final project, students program a simple 2D game with graphics, music, and sound effects. The course is designed for those with an interest in game programming or scripting, as well as for game artists, producers, and designers.

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5-Day Object-Oriented Programming for Games Boot Camp

Building on a foundation of procedural programming knowledge, this hands-on course introduces object-oriented programming from a game development perspective. Major topics include data structures, recursion, exceptions, classes, inheritance, and polymorphism. Students learn to program using the game-industry language Python and are exposed to a simple, object-oriented game engine. Numerous examples along with in-class exercises reinforce each new concept. As a final project, students program a 2D game with graphics, simple physics, and basic Artificial Intelligence (AI). The course is designed for those with some programming background who are interested in game programming or scripting. Game artists, producers, and designers with some programming experience would also benefit from the course.

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4-Day Game Art I Live Online Course

A preparation for a career as a game artist starts here. Using Maya and Photoshop, students will learn how to create 3D objects and textures that can be imported into a game world. An important part of the introduction to these industry standard programs is mastering their interfaces and controls. Students will understand the role of the game artist, and how game art fits into the overall game development workflow. Students will learn techniques to make impressive game art within given polygon limits, and the critical role of textures. This course provides a foundation in the skills needed to tackle more advanced art and animation courses later in the curriculum.

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4-Day Game Art II Live Online Course

Building on the skills and techniques introduced in Game Art I, students will learn more advanced techniques for designing 3D objects. Focusing on a central task of modeling a character, students will analyze and build complex 3D objects piece by piece. Using both NURBS and polygons, students learn how to sculpt characters in detail, using a wide array of Maya tools. Students are grounded in the methods used to design characters that can be animated, with an introduction to skeletons and joints. Students will also learn advanced techniques for textures and maps using Photoshop.

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