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Adobe FrameMaker Introduction Training Course

Adobe FrameMaker Introduction

Course Number: #CED-1657
Course Length: 2 days

Grants (discounts) are available for multiple students for the same or different courses.

Upcoming Dates Class Times Class Format Quote
10/25 - 10/26, 2021 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM ET
9:00 AM - 4:00 PM CT
7:00 AM - 2:00 PM PT
4:00 AM - 11:00 AM HT
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Can't travel or you want to stay with your family or business. No problem!

Stay in your own city and save the additional expenses of roundtrip airfare, lodging, transportation, and meals and receive the same great instruction live from our instructors in our Live Instructor-Led Remote Classroom Training.

Remote Classroom Training

Our Remote Classroom Training is a live class with students observing the instructor and listening through your computer speakers.

You will see the instructor's computer, slides, notes, etc., just like in the classroom. You will be following along, doing work, labs, and individual assignments.

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Our Adobe FrameMaker classes are hands-on and project-driven. In this class on the unstructured features of FrameMaker, your projects will include creating one complete chapter-from scratch-in what will eventually be part of a multi-chapter book as well as editing a booklet. For more details on the specific features covered, see the list under Class Topics.

Because students will work along with the instructor to complete a series of projects, we recommend using two displays in our online classes (this could be two monitors, two computers or a computer and a tablet), so that the student can keep one eye on the instructor's screen as they work.

A copy of the workbook and the data files will be sent to you prior to the start of the class. The workbook for this class is only available as an eBook.

Who Should Attend the Introduction to Adobe FrameMaker class?

This class is designed for a technical writer (or an aspiring technical writer) who is comfortable using their computer but is new (or fairly new) to Adobe FrameMaker. It's also appropriate for those who have been using Adobe FrameMaker to edit existing documents, but don't feel comfortable designing new files from scratch, as well as for those who used FrameMaker years ago, and now need to get up to speed quickly on the current version.


Students attending this training class should already have a solid understanding of their operating system (Mac or Windows), know how to use their keyboard and mouse, and how to drag a program from one window to the other on a dual monitor system. They should understand how to open programs, open, save and close files, and how to locate files on their computers. This is an introductory class, so no prior knowledge of Adobe FrameMaker is required.

Class Topics

Defining Paragraph Formats
  • Learn how create a document from scratch and how to define paragraph formats with the Paragraph Designer.
Defining Color and Character Formats
  • Learn how to add color and inline formatting with the Character Designer.
Page Layout
  • Define running headers and footers that pull live data off the page, and update with document editing.
  • Add imported images and FrameMaker-drawn graphics to your chapter's running heads.
Document Editing
  • Explore user variables, spell-check, thesaurus, extended characters, and more.
  • Easily one of the most powerful features of FrameMaker: learn to define table formats with Table Designer to quickly and accurately format and update multiple tables.

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