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InDesign CC Level 2 space

Adobe InDesign CC Level 2 Training

Adobe InDesign CC Level 2

Course Number: #CED-1541
Course Length: 1 day

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Upcoming Dates Class Times Class Format Quote
4/30 - 4/30, 2019 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM ET
9:00 AM - 4:00 PM CT
7:00 AM - 2:00 PM PT
Instructor-Led Quote
5/21 - 5/21, 2019 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM ET
9:00 AM - 4:00 PM CT
7:00 AM - 2:00 PM PT
Instructor-Led Quote

Can't travel or you want to stay with your family or business. No problem! Stay in your own city and save the additional expenses of roundtrip airfare, lodging, transportation, and meals and receive the same great instruction live from our instructors in our Live Instructor-Led Remote Classroom Training.

Remote Classroom Training

Our Remote Classroom Training is a live class with students observing the instructor and listening through your computer speakers. You will see the instructor's computer, slides, notes, etc., just like in the classroom. You will be following along, doing work, labs, and individual assignments.

"Great instruction!  Made the course extremely easy to understand.  Very thorough."

-Debbie Ramkissoon, Randstad

In this course, you will become familiar with intermediate features and functionality of Adobe InDesign CC.

Course Content

Lesson 1: Editing Text
  • Getting started
  • Finding and changing a missing font
  • Entering and importing text
  • Entering text
  • Importing text
  • Finding and changing text and formatting
  • Finding and changing text
  • Finding and changing formatting
  • Checking spelling
  • Checking spelling in the document
  • Adding words to a document-specific dictionary
  • Automatically correcting misspelled words
  • Editing text by dragging and dropping
  • Using the Story Editor
  • Tracking changes
  • Review questions and answers
Lesson 2: Working with Typography
  • Adjusting vertical spacing
  • Changing the spacing between paragraphs
  • Working with fonts, type styles, and glyphs
  • Adding a font from Adobe Fonts
  • Adding a special character
  • Applying a stroke and fill to text
  • Inserting fraction characters
  • Working with columns
  • Specifying columns for a text frame
  • Creating a straddle head
  • Adjusting columns
  • Changing paragraph alignment
  • Hanging punctuation outside the margin
  • Creating a drop cap
  • Adjusting letter and word spacing
  • Adjusting the tracking and kerning
  • Adjusting line breaks
  • Hyphenation settings
  • Inserting a manual line break
  • Setting tabs
  • Aligning text to tabs and adding tab leaders
  • Creating a numbered list with a hanging indent
  • Working with paragraph shading and rules
  • Applying shading to a paragraph
  • Applying a rule to a paragraph
  • Review questions and answers
Lesson 3: Working with Color
  • Managing color
  • The need for color management
  • Displaying images at full resolution
  • Specifying color settings in InDesign
  • Proofing colors onscreen
  • Defining printing requirements
  • Loading a preflight profile
  • Selecting a preflight profile
  • Converting a color mode for a swatch
  • Creating colors
  • Creating a PANTONE color swatch
  • Creating CMYK color swatches
  • Applying colors
  • Applying fill colors to objects
  • Applying colors to strokes
  • Applying colors to text
  • Working with tint swatches
  • Creating a tint swatch
  • Applying a tint swatch
  • Working with gradients
  • Creating a gradient swatch
  • Applying a gradient swatch
  • Adjusting the direction of the gradient blend
  • Working with color groups
  • Adding colors to a color group
  • Previewing the final document
  • Exploring on your own
  • Creating a color theme
  • Viewing color themes
  • Adding a theme to the Swatches panel and CC Library
  • Review questions and answers
Lesson 4: Working with Styles
  • Creating and applying paragraph styles
  • Creating a paragraph style
  • Applying a paragraph style
  • Creating and applying character styles
  • Creating a character style
  • Applying a character style
  • Nesting character styles inside paragraph styles
  • Creating character styles for nesting
  • Creating a nested style
  • Creating and applying object styles
  • Formatting an object for a style
  • Creating an object style
  • Applying an object style
  • Creating and applying table and cell styles
  • Creating cell styles
  • Creating a table style
  • Applying a table style
  • Globally updating styles
  • Loading styles from another document
  • Finishing up
  • Review questions and answers
Lesson 5: Importing and Modifying Graphics
  • Adding graphics from other programs
  • Comparing vector and bitmap graphics
  • Managing links to imported files
  • Identifying imported images
  • Viewing information about linked files
  • Showing files in Explorer (Windows) or Finder (macOS)
  • Updating revised graphics
  • Adjusting display quality
  • Importing and sizing graphics
  • Import, size, and crop
  • Place a graphic into an existing frame and use frame fitting options
  • Place a graphic into an existing frame by dropping from the desktop
  • Using Adobe Bridge to import graphics
  • Editing placed pictures
  • Working with dropped backgrounds
  • Working with clipping paths from Photoshop in InDesign
  • Working with transparent backgrounds from Photoshop in InDesign
  • Importing native Adobe graphic files
  • Working with a Photoshop file with layers
  • Creating an anchored graphics frame
  • Adding text wrap to an anchored graphics frame
  • Importing an Illustrator file
  • Importing an Illustrator file with layers
  • Creating and Using an InDesign library to manage objects
  • Tips, tricks and recommended resources
  • Review questions and answers

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InDesign CC Level 2 space
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