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ArcGIS Desktop I: Getting Started with GIS

Course Number: #CED-535
Course Length: 2 days
Class Price: ArcGIS Desktop Training Quote

Grants (discounts) are available for returning students, multiple students, active duty military, government, government contractors, non-profit companies and educational institutions or US Veterans.

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This course teaches the fundamental concepts and basic functions of a GIS, the properties of GIS maps, and the structure of a GIS database. In course exercises, you will develop basic software skills by working with ArcGIS Desktop tools to visualize geographic data, create maps, query a GIS database, and analyze data using common analysis tools.

Course Content

Lesson 1: Introduction
  • Welcome to ArcGIS Desktop 1: Getting Started with GIS
  • Course objectives
  • Course components
  • Day 1 course content
  • Day 2 course content
  • Course materials
  • Additional resources
  • ESRI Support Center
  • ArcGIS: A complete GIS
  • Logistics
Lesson 2: The big picture of GIS
  • The big picture of GIS
  • Learning objectives
  • Group activity
  • Four GIS functions
  • Mapping and visualization
  • Geographic data management
  • Data compilation and editing
  • Geographic analysis
  • Lesson review
Lesson 3: GIS maps
  • GIS maps
  • Learning objectives
  • Paper maps vs. GIS maps
  • Features
  • Feature representation
  • Layers
  • Feature organization
  • Benefits of GIS maps
  • Scale
Lesson 4: GIS power: Map meets database
  • GIS power: Map meets database
  • Learning objectives
  • Attributes
  • Layer attribute table
  • Feature-attribute relationship
  • Attribute table contents
  • Categorical symbolization
  • Quantitative symbolization
  • Symbolization methods
  • Quantities: Graduated color
  • Labels
  • Simple is better
Lesson 5: Creating a map layout
  • Creating a map layout
  • Learning objectives
  • What do you know?
  • Map layouts
  • Map content considerations
  • Map layout design considerations
  • Data view vs. layout view
  • Terms associated with maps
  • Map templates
Lesson 6: Pinning down geographic data
  • Pinning down geographic data
  • Learning objectives
  • Where is this place?
  • The elements of location
  • Location system: Index grid
  • Location system: Cartesian coordinates
  • Spatial reference lines on the earth
  • Location system: Latitude-longitude
  • Angular measurements
  • Measuring latitude and longitude
  • Writing latitude and longitude
  • Exercise goals
  • Flattening the earth with map projections
  • Map projections and distortion
Lesson 7: Geography meets geometry
  • Geography meets geometry
  • Learning objectives
  • Vector data: A shape-based view
  • Connecting vector shapes to real places
  • Raster data: A cell-based view
  • Raster data structure
  • Connecting raster surfaces to real places
  • Two representations of elevation
  • Vector-raster comparison
  • Exercise goals
  • What is a geodatabase?
  • Feature classes and layers
Lesson 8: Geographic data: A bird's-eye view
  • Geographic data: A bird’s-eye view
  • Learning objectives
  • How is geographic data acquired?
  • Turning geography into geographic data
  • Sources of geographic data
  • Your geographic data is a garden
  • ArcCatalog: The ArcGIS data manager
  • What is metadata?
  • Why does metadata matter?
Lesson 9: Querying data: Asking questions, getting answers
  • Querying data: Asking questions, getting answers
  • Learning objectives
  • Analysis: The big picture
  • Review: Getting information about features
  • Finding features based on information
  • Two kinds of query
  • Anatomy of an attribute query
  • Query examples
  • Anatomy of a location query
  • Selecting features by location
Lesson 10: Analyzing spatial relationships
  • Analyzing spatial relationships
  • Learning objectives
  • Analyzing feature relationships
  • What is overlay?
  • Overlay with Union
  • Overlay with Intersect
  • Why use overlay?
  • Overlay tools
  • What is buffer?
  • Two kinds of buffer
  • Why use buffer?
Lesson 11: Solving problems with GIS
  • Solving problems with GIS
  • Learning objectives
  • Putting it all together
  • Solving geographic problems
  • Solving a geographic problem
Lesson 12: Course conclusion
  • Course conclusion
  • Redefining GIS (group discussion)
  • Course objectives revisited
  • ESRI educational support
  • Where do you go from here?
  • Learning pathways

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ArcGIS Desktop space
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